Atrenne, a Celestica company, is built upon the foundation of its dedicated and talented workforce.  Our top priority is to hire the best and offer maximum opportunities to thrive professionally. We want you to succeed. Because when our people succeed, our company succeeds.

The core of Atrenne derives from our people through mutual trust and respect, ethical behavior, accountability and teamwork, and open two-way communication.


Our Culture

Atrenne's culture is steeped in three disciplines; our people philosophy, our values and our expertise. It's how we, as a company, achieve growth and foster an encouraging environment for our employees and customers.


Our People Philosophy is to empower our employees while having an engaging environment.


Our Values entail a customer-focused attitude that provides openness and trust.


Our Continuous Improvement thinking comes from our experienced workforce in six-sigma and lean manufacturing processes.

Atrenne's Employee MotivationAtrenne's Employee MotivationAtrenne's Employee Motivation