No templates. No compromises. All-inclusive pleasure.

We’re a unique kinetic type animation company. You see, all of our services start with transmedia story boarding – a structured overview of how your production will look and sound. These are two independent reports on what we would want your audience to hear, and what we would want them to see. In the graphic design industry, is the only reputable kinetic typography firm to offer this unique story boarding process.


Want people to be instantly impressed with your web page? Imagine your visitors’ eyes glued to the screen, giving you their undivided, fully captivated attention! Kinetic type can do that for you. We can even apply kinetic typography animation over existing videos, like your ‘talking head’ introducing your company.


Whether you’re mailing out DVDs to prospects, or recording a webinar for your next digital product launch, our animation company can make your idea more visually appealing. This is where our copywriters go to work! We’ll discuss your goals – sales, brand image, profit growth – and help you piece it all together within your budget.


We like making kinetic type videos that spark conversations. If you’re affiliated with a university, or if you’re simply trying to spread your ideas around the world, kinetic typography is sure to grab people’s attention. We’ve worked with all sorts of scripts – from philosophy to fundraising – and we can’t wait to take on your mission.


We help businessmen make a guaranteed powerful, long-lasting impression on everyone in the room. Need a way to visualize your PowerPoints beyond the level of Prezi? You’ll impress prospective clients, and look sharper than everyone else in the eyes of investors – all thanks to the power of kinetic typography.


Got a rock band in your garage, and don’t have the money for fireworks, actors, and smashed equipment? can design a concept for your next hit, even if you have no idea what you want the video to be about. Let our creative guidance steer your next million-viewer hit all the way to the top music execs!


No green screen? No problem! Our animation company can even perform rotoscoping work to separate you from an uneven background. Then we can put a background image or video behind you to make it look like you’re at a remote location – without making it look like cheesy editing. We do it all at very affordable prices.


Our typical deliverable is a high-resolution .MP4 video file, but some clients may need custom solutions to make their lives easier. Need 300 DVDs of your next sales presentation, printed and shipped to your main office? Want us to handle delivery directly to your clients? Our animation company offers virtually any requested fulfillment requirements. Let us know what your project is, and we’ll take care of all your needs.

Here is what our clients have said about us in the past:

I love it! I can’t wait to get all we can out of this one and do another video
as soon as the time is right! I’ve really enjoyed working together and I
think we have really come a long way!!!

I’m really loving your work. Thanks so much for your insights, efforts
and output!
Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Chris Thompson
CEO at

Planet BrokerKinetic Typography was the perfect fit for
Vas and his team are very knowledgeable with respect to video
creation. They did the entire project from concept to production.

They took the time to understand our goals for this video by asking
endless questions; and learning about our business, vision, and culture.

Vas was very responsive. I sent my request to his team, and in 48 hours we had
a storyboard draft in our inbox. The video is awesome. The results were

You can’t go wrong with Kinetic Typography.

Manny Rodriguez
Principal at


I am thoroughly delighted to contribute this testimonial to Vas
Blagodarskiy and his team at My project, “The
Techno-Morality of the Underclass
,” was a very complex conceptual project,
with an even more complicated script. After submitting the final script,
his team constructed a storyboard, which transformed my very abstract
writing into an easily understandable succession of kinetic type and
powerful visual images. Throughout the entire process I was continually
updated with the progress of my project. I was in control of the entire
process from beginning to end and the team at
facilitated me in actualizing my ideas. If they can transform my highly
abstract and academic script into an enjoyable and informative experience
for my viewers, they can certainly work wonders for your project!

Thoroughly Satisfied,
Jason J. Campbell, PhD.