Kinetic typography can be referred to as a technique and art of expression using animated text. It is similar to traditional study of typography by creating static typography form. This type of typography carried out a digital revolution on learning the effects that time has on conveying of text. Needless to say, this tool has made it possible to add more appeal and emotive content to displaying text. This allows some qualities featured in films and spoken word that can be included in static text – at a super low cost.

Kinetic typography has been successful in revolutionizing television, computer-based advertising, film, and even video games. Perceptual psychology studies on attention, comprehension and reading performance has shown that time-based display of moving text can be put to use effectively to manipulate and capture a viewer’s focus in general however in quite a few special cases this technique improves general reading performance.

Kinetic engine is a system that was developed specifically to create typography. The engine design supports simple typographic manipulations, this is done using animation framework which is similar to the structure used by text animators. This is generalized to signal processing technique that allows low-level characteristic filters to become interconnected to come up with complex animations easily. The engine is capable of reproducing the effects that are found in one corpus of more than 30 pre-existing layout design examples.

This technique is an innovative and revolutionary way for combining both sound and sight in a meaningful and memorable animation based on the use of words. However, it’s not unique; in fact, if someone tried selling you a pre-made template based video for your company, you’d probably recognize it as a knock-off. Each Kinetic Typography piece ought to be unique to you: a professional designer will custom-tailor its appeal to fit your exact needs. The style was developed by motion designers who manipulated movie monologues and also animated words to express visual emphasis. It sounds like a simple idea, yet it is tricky to carry out and do it perfectly. It captures the attention of the audience, this is why it is used in advertising and in movies to get the viewer’s attention to the message intended to be passed. As for this side of its application, a lot of people have sound belief in the capability of this type of typography as a powerful technique for conveying marketing messages. This means you can wholeheartedly consider this as a feasible tool for marketing if you want to turn some heads towards you.