MicroVent® technology is an advanced approach to venting that includes hexagonal features with 80%+ open area and material thickness of 2mm to 5mm. Atrenne developed MicroVent technology to enable highly optimized data center and telecommunications chassis front panels, rear panels and fan guards to provide more efficient airflow while meeting EMI/RFI requirements, at a reduced cost.  


Using a proprietary manufacturing process, Atrenne can replace honeycomb panel installations with a single panel with up to 87% air flow.  This simplifies fan design which translates to increased system reliability.  A cooler running system also improves MTBF which translates to a lower lifecycle cost. 

Improved EMI/RFI Filtering

The unique nature of MicroVent technology aluminum offers excellent EMI/RFI screening at frequencies required by leading edge data center servers and telecommunications equipment. 


MicroVent technology offers improved airflow with excellent EMI/RFI filtering performance, in many cases allowing one component to replace two.  Increased airflow can facilitate a simpler thermal management solution, reducing project design cost and technical risk.  A cooler running system increases component life and improves system reliability, resulting in an overall reduced life cycle cost. 

For more information on how MicroVent technology can lower your product life cycle cost, improving your bottom line, contact us.

Suggested Downloads

MicroVent Data Sheet

MicroVent Case Study

(1)    MicroVent is a registered trademark of Atrenne Computing Solutions LLC and is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office