Atrenne has the electromechanical design and manufacturing expertise necessary to produce your electronic assemblies or subassemblies, whether it’s a design-build or a value-add build-to-print manufacturing requirement.  As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Atrenne is uniquely qualified to manufacture and assemble your subsystem.

Atrenne has extensive domain expertise in a wide range of components which are designed to be combined into subassemblies:

Whatever the challenge, our team of program managers and engineers work to develop solutions from system design to assembly, even when manufacturing includes exception processes or manual steps. Vertically integrated capabilities allow us to engage in a program from its earliest phases, through to low rate initial production (LRIP) and eventually to full rate production (FRP).  We can also offer obsolescence management services to insure a stable supply of product for a required period of time.


Complex CCA and LED Assembly Product Summary

Obsolescence Management