Atrenne prides itself in its Continuous Improvement (CI) culture.  Every employee is empowered to drive improvement in all areas of our business. Atrenne ensures consistent quality with lean tools and constantly seeking to identify and eliminate the seven wastes. Continuous improvement conducts itself through three main channels:

  • Individual employee – via our Quick Kaizen Program
  • Function teams – via team organized, functional area improvement projects
  • Kaizen teams – via cross-functional teams created to drive system level improvement

Through Atrenne’s vertical integration (see graph below), lean processes save time while involving everyone working at the cell to make systematic improvements. The pull inventory method permits Atrenne to make customized products as the customer needs them, allowing Atrenne to provide customers with customized printing and packaging, and direct order fulfillment. This allows Atrenne to respond quickly to a high mix of low and medium volumes of orders. Furthermore, Atrenne has the ability to change over the product requirements and convert assembly lines in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes if necessary.


By incorporating the CI culture, Atrenne reduces variation and improves customer satisfaction. Our CI efforts help drive improved quality, improved productivity, lower inventory, lower cost, shorter order to delivery and increased flexibility.


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