Atrenne will tackle the most complex build-to-print backplanesconnectors, wire harness/wrapdaughter cards, IO interconnect and other circuit card assemblies. Our value-add manufacturing capabilities include design support and development, prototype manufacturing, obsolescence management, molded and metal fabrication, electronic assembly, and a variety of finishing options. Our turnkey solutions are compliant with commercial and military specifications.  

Design Support and Development

Through tooling and custom design support and development we deliver superior solutions to meet performance, quality and cost targets through dedicated customer-based resources, advanced engineering tools and integrated supply-chain management throughout the design, development and initial production stages of new products.

We offer cost effective, multiple-use options for tools that will produce consistent capability over the product’s life cycle. Through the use of experienced in-house staff of engineers, advanced CAD tools, and long-term relationships with external sources that work with us, we develop the best solutions for our customers’ needs.


Prototype manufacturing gives our customers a “time to market” advantage. With both hand assembly and complete automation capabilities, our engineers turn concepts into products in an efficient and timely manner. Prototyping is an excellent benefit as designs are moved seamlessly into full manufacturing with proven and repeatable processes already established.

Obsolescence Management

Rapid technology advancements are making obsolescence management critical to program supportability. Our engineering team has extensive experience working with customers who are faced with obsolescence and end-of-life (EOL) notices. These situations put a great amount of risk on product deliverability and strain on the supply chain resources. We can help you effectively manage obsolescence to avoid critical downtime, unplanned last time buy orders and costly redesigns. We will support legacy products and use reverse engineering to help support your program.


Leveraging a breadth of experience in developing molded fabrication products and services, we offer thermoset and thermoplastic materials in a variety of molding processes including insert, transfer, compression and injection. Lean manufacturing techniques are used to drive cost-effective solutions in all stages of their life cycles.

We yield consistent performance with our metal fabrication capabilities by using multiple equipment resources for drilling, milling, routing and metal stamping. We offer an incredible amount of flexibility with lot sizes and materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless, plastics, steel, copper and laminates.

Electronic Assembly

We have extensive experience building backplanes, metal backplanes, daughter cards, LED boards, and a variety of other circuit card assemblies using surface mount technology (SMT) and plated through hole (PTH) assembly methods. Our factory uses a several lead and lead-free soldering techniques including wave soldering, selective soldering, and reflow soldering.


We provide a variety of product finishing options to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

Our suite of metal finishing includes reel-to-reel copper, nickel, gold and tin-lead plating; barrel plating of copper, nickel, and gold; passivation of stainless steel; and chromate conversion coating of aluminum.

For electronic assemblies, we offer conformal coating via automatic spray, semi-auto spray, and hand application methods using the following materials urethane, acrylic, silicone and parylene.

Our packaging and labeling is flexible depending on our customers’ requirements. Our labeling methods include silk screening, laser etching, hand stamping, and 2D or 3D barcode labeling.


In addition to build-to-print components, we offer full enclosure assembly. Our in-house capabilities and expertise allow us to build, assemble, test, and deliver a complete chassis to you or the end user. 

For more information about Atrenne’s complex build-to-print capabilities, please contact us.

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