Atrenne, a Celestica company, is a preferred supplier of cabling, wire harnesses, and wire wrap for highly demanding applications, including military aircraft, space applications, shipboard, and submarine systems. We have extensive training and experience building cabling that can perform and withstand the harshest environments.
Our low-volume/high-mix model allows us to offer some of the lowest MOQs in the industry, some as low as two! In addition our factory’s vertical integration ensures full control of your product from raw materials, to fully-tested and delivered.


• Applications include space, avionics, and ground-based military systems
• Routed Systems Design (RSD by PTC)
• Custom innovative designs
• Engineering support for DFM

Wire Wrap

• Applications include military aircraft, shipboard systems, radar signal processing
• Three semi-automatic wire wrap machines
• Employees trained to the IPC-WHMA-620 standards
• Up to 4000 wires per board
• Single wire 30 AWG
• Pin Heights min = 0.2000 max = 0.500


• Crimp
• Solder cup
• Coaxial

Wire Configurations

• Single strand
• Twisted pair
• Braided


• Flying Probe Continuity
• Dielectric Withstanding Voltage
• Insulation Resistance
• Standing Wave Ratio

Industry Compliance

• IPC-WHMA-820 Compliant
• Certified Trainer (x2)
• NASA Space-Grade Applications
• 8739.4 Certified Trainer


Cable and Wiring Product Summary